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#FORRONAN 2020 Launch Event!

#FORRONAN is a brand new community interest company set up to help young people in our community whilst delivering on the promise to maintain the legacy of RONAN COSTELLO who tragically lost his life aged just 17.

It's a great honour that I am able to announce the official launch event of #FORRONAN which will take place across the weekend of January 10th.

A massive thank you to the 9 people who have so far committed to what will be a gruelling test of stamina, character & mental strength.

This group will endeavour to complete the coast to coast challenge with one major difference NO BIKES - That's 144 miles - in just 3 days ON FOOT!

The possibility of failure is very very real at an average of 48 miles per day most wouldn't even attempt it.

As announced last month the committee is in place, the web domain has been purchased & this event WITH YOUR HELP will raise awareness about #FORRONAN far & wide. So PLEASE PLEASE SHARE ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS.

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for the new #FORRONAN website, Facebook, Instagram & twitter pages.


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