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Kevin 'n' Katie's 'FEED 100' IS BACK!

Xmas 2019 saw Northern Fitness gym,

& our local community combine to feed over 100 elderly & public service personnel & we won't be letting COVID19 prevent us from bringing the same festive cheer to those who need it the most this year!

Backed by

Charlene Novak from The Branch at Jubilee Centre, we're asking you to dig deep & SPONSOR A XMAS MEAL. With your support we aim to surpass last year's phenomenal effort by feeding at least 100 local elderly/vulnerable residents.

The cost of a Xmas dinner including pudding & a card is £10.

The elderly have felt it more than most in 2020. Let's finish the year by raising a glass & a smile to those who need it most.


Simply drop Sally Greenwood at PlanEat a message!

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